Our Future Plans

The years ahead have an exciting future for us, we have recently bought a 19m Bendy Bus that we are converting into a Mobilehome and we have plenty of room for a Bindery, we would love to have one of the only Mobile Binderies in the World, and after teaching kids at schools the art of Bookbinding, we'd love to travel around the country and continue this, teach school kids you say?

Yes back in Ballarat Victoria we were asked by a couple of schools to come and teach their year 6 students how to bind a book, and have it so they finish up with the story they have written bound in a hard covered book, with a gold blocked title on the front cover.

Well as you can see by the pictures, this happened and wow did they love it, they covered a number of subjects by writing their book first only a hand full of pages then I taught them how to sew their pages together, this followed a lesson into binding a hard cover than finally blocking the cover with their title and casing in their pages into the cover.

As you can see by thier faces, they absolutly loved it, a treasurerd item they will have for the rest of their lives not to mention a one off experience they will never forget.

Also I have done work for a number of causes one being some letters to the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for a number of school kids that wanted to say something, so good on them.


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Milton Watkins, Bookbinder


Formally known as Ballarat Bookbinding & Specialist Printing Est.1998